Making things move

Here are some recent animations we've been working on, for both clients and ourselves. We've been creating animations for a whole host of reasons from GIFs in email newsletters, social media posts and using animation to test conceptual web design, i.e. to test whether some user interaction works before building it. More and more we've been animating for advertising, especially sponsored instagram stories and HTML 5 display adverts. All of these have their unique challenges but the over riding purpose is to tell a story and communicate an idea for the brands we've been working on. It's not just animation however, we've also recently produced a case study live action video. See some of the examples below.
In app animation
We were tasked with creating a questionnaire for Away Resorts. Introducing animations helped the web app feel fun and relevant and helped try and get users to the end of the questionnaire as they would be more engaged. Each question has a relating visual that added humour and communicated the brands' tone of voice.

Banner advertising
Banners need to catch the eye on a crowded page, and the size of the media often means we need a sequence of messages followed by the call to action. We employ HTML5 to animate the banner while keeping the file size small as required by all platforms. Making the animations as engaging as possible while being acceptable to networks, such as Google Display Network is critical to success.
Animated social media loops
We created a number of animations for our own instagram feed, for a number of seasonal holidays including Halloween, Guy Fawkes Day and Christmas. Looping animations are an effective way of creating interest whilst people scroll down their feeds. Leveraging seasonal events can help your brand reach your audience in a non sales way and create some brand love.

These looping animations also work really well for email newsletters or promotional emails. The email below brought a very dry subject to life and the humour cut through when every day people were getting the same sort of GDPR email in their inbox.

Animated icons
By implementing movement we can increase user interaction and create a sense of character. Creating micro interactions helps make the site more alive and human, but the over use of animation that gets in the way is annoying and purposeless. At Gendall, animation always has a reason, either to communicate a story or in some cases to mask loading time so the user doesn't get annoyed while we fetch data.

3D/ CGI animated title animations
These videos demonstrate a different way to achieve a result. They're animations built in 3D and are beginning and end sequences for our clients Youtube videos. They're humorous and creative giving the user a smile in the mind while communicating the breadth and depth of Away Resorts' offering.

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