About us

We understand how to help our clients tell their stories in a way that captures imagination, hearts and minds. Our aim is to become an extension of our clients business, in for the long haul, building relationships with an understanding that comes from over 34 years in design.

What we do

We use our experience, skills and insight to ensure good stories travel fast in this connected world, transforming brands through targeted, innovative and compelling communications.
We do this in the following three ways;
1. Strategy
2. Design
3. Technology

  1. Strategy

    We accelerate your growth by identifying new value creation in your business through;
    - Business model development
    - Value proposition
    - Brand strategy (Architecture, Connecting through shared Values + Experiences, Naming and vision setting)
    - Marketing strategy
    - Financial forecasting
    - Business Roadmap development
    - Operating model design

  1. Design

    We bring your brand to life and help you communicate effectively with your customers through;
    - Visual identity design
    - Product and packaging design
    - Sonic Branding and messaging
    - Storytelling and brand messaging
    - Service design
    - Marketing activation
    - Customer experience design

  1. Technology and engineering - Digital and physical activation - Immersive experiences

    We building the immersive experiences that engage your customers through;
    - Technical design and architecture
    - Bespoke brand led website builds
    - Ecommerce platform development + CRO (Shopify Partners)
    - Booking engine integration (Gendall Gateway) + --SaaS holiday cottage website templates
    vBespoke software development
    - Voice and conversational user interfaces
    - Innovation and Gendall Lab

Some of our clients

We work together with these amazing companies and organisations:

Say Hello to our leadership team

Tess Gendall


Tess oversees and works together with the Gendall team on all aspects of a project from discovery to creative direction and project delivery. She established Gendall Design in 1986 and has developed the company to its current capability. With a wealth of experience in graphic, brand and publication design, Tess has been responsible for extensive brand work for the Eden Project, Away Resorts, the Cornwall Brand and the National Trust. Her work has been also recognised in the Marketing Design Awards.

Greg Welch

Managing Director

With over 15 years experience he has a proven record of bidding for, winning and then leading, complex, multi-million pound business transformation projects utilising cross-functional global teams.
Greg combines his comprehensive service design acumen with a strong programme management background to consistently achieve groundbreaking results for his clients.
Able to work confidently and collaboratively under pressure he leads his teams to solve brand and technology challenges, realising measurable business and customer value.

John Lowdon

Creative Strategic Director

With over 20 years under his belt John brings a wealth of design experience and knowledge to the Gendall team. Over this time he has developed an expertise for strategic branding and UX for brands including Three, Avis Budget Group and Openreach, with destination placemaking branding becoming a particular focus, having successfully created and launched brands for a number of key destinations across the South West.

John is responsible for the overall creative output of the studio, inspiring and leading the creative team and clients alike.

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