Away Resorts quality time questionnaire

Questionnaires don't have to be boring... When Away Resorts presented us with the task of creating new leads for their holiday home sales team in a fun and engaging way, we leapt at the challenge. They wanted an online questionnaire brought to life to help people decide if investing in a holiday home was right for them.

Framed around the concept of ‘quality time’, our animated questionnaire takes prospective holiday home owners on a narrative journey — from standing in the rain at the bus stop daydreaming about getting away, to piling in the car with the family and finally arriving at an Away Resorts holiday destination to indulge in a spot of sunbathing, jumping in the pool or going fishing.

The questions are carefully crafted so that they gather important information about the participant’s level of interest in ownership, their preferred destination and the type of activities they enjoy whilst on holiday.  All this whilst subtly persuading them towards the dream of one day having their very own holiday home.

In an interactive question, participants are able to construct their ideal holiday home, adding features such as an outdoor hot tub, a spare room for guests, decking and a barbecue.

On completion of the questionnaire, the participant qualifies as one of three holiday maker personalities: an Experience Chaser, Memory Maker or Tranquility Seeker.

Their degree of interest in holiday home ownership is also revealed. ‘Golden leads’ and ‘curious but unconvinced’ outcomes are invited to arrange a visit to one of the Away Resorts holiday parks, while those that are uninterested are encouraged to browse holidays with the added bonus of a 10% discount.

The questionnaire was shared on Away Resorts' social media channels, generating new interest in holiday home ownership and driving traffic to the holiday homes website.

All in all, it was a very fun project.