How can we make working in Cornwall even better?

Laurence our Design Director recently attended an event called the Do Lectures. For those that don't know, the Do Lectures are a group of 80 people living in tents for four days in remote Pembrokeshire, with 25 inspiring speakers imparting their wit and wisdom. They live, eat, learn, exercise, share ideas, and laugh together. David Hieatt who founded it said that the Guardian called it an ideas festivals, he said "[We're] not sure we are a festival. But we're all about ideas." Below Laurence talks through his outtakes.

One major outtake I took from the event was the importance of looking after ourselves. We're busy. We're lucky to be busy. We're lucky to be in the jobs we're in. But we do need to look after out bodies and our minds in this industry. Yesterday was World Mental Health Day so it is timely to talk to you about Gendall Designs two new key concerted efforts 1. Looking after our bodies and 2. Looking after our well being.

Helping our bodies - free yoga for staff:

At Gendall we strive for the best work life balance that we can. We don’t want stressed minds and bodies, we need people alert, creative and with sharp dynamic minds. Since my return from Do I've been trying to look after myself more. While I was there I had a really great yoga session from Michael Townsend Williams. I've always wondered about the value of yoga to companies, Tessa, our esteemed CEO has been doing yoga for years and so we've decided to do yoga every Tuesday as a company. We've been going through some basic moves and some more challenging, pushing us into spaces we didn't know we could go. We've not yet got to headstands but I know my consciousness will be expanded when I get there. I can testify that a Tuesday is a much more calm space in the studio as a result. Hopefully we all have a bit more clarity and focus.
Another outtake was being focused on breathing daily, or before key events. Michael Townsend Williams is a yoga teacher, but is also a great advocate of breathing as part of your daily routine. He has an app called Breathsync which helps you "breathe better, think better, feel better and do better". I've been using it and I've noticed through the app when I've been getting stressed. It simply prompts you to sleep and rest, this in turn has helped get my 'Wellness scores' up. It's also a good thing for me to do before a big meeting to calm myself down.

Helping our well being - flexible working or surf hours:

"...for an organisation to attract and retain a happy and productive workforce, employers need to think beyond the basic legal requirements around flexible working. “That means running a business in an open-minded and adaptable manner,” Tom Neil on The Guardian

At Gendall we believe that people are at their most productive when we meet their needs. We believe that good design and programming happens by working hard for short shifts, rather than elongated tiring days and all nighters. We've always stuck to keeping to our lunch hour and to leaving on time so we can get back to our families and now we have rolled out an agency wide scheme for people to choose the hours they work. We want people to come to work with a spring in their step, allowing us all here to get the work life balance that we need and enjoy living and working in Cornwall. We also hope this will positively effect production, as people will be able to work at quieter times of the day and also help us to be less stressed and more content now that we can make the most of day light or be in the surf more. Finally the overall client support will be stronger as there will be people in the studio from early in the day until late.