Inspirational Environments

The National Trust are passionate about open spaces and places. We’ve been working together with them as a whole organisation, as well as on an individual property level, helping them to tell their ‘spirit of place’ stories in authentic and surprising ways that fire the imagination and promote discovery and creativity for all the family.

The ideas which the Gendall team developed were creative and sympathetic to the spirit of the story we were telling. The quality of the finished product has been fantastic throughout and we’ve had an enthusiastic response from visitors.
Emily Blanshard, Operations Manager Stourhead & Mompesson

Sharing a spirit of place

Our work with the National Trust is all about getting under the skin of the destination, helping to convey the personality of the property, with designs that encourage audiences to explore, dig deeper and connect with it's story.

  1. Discovering the story behind a place

    Spending time at an individual property is key for us, to ensure that our work expresses what makes it a 'unique, distinctive and cherished' place. This is when our brains and sketch pads spring into life, exploring and developing surprising and engaging ways to tell past and future stories and display information.

  1. How the story unfolds

    Whether it is interpretation, outdoor advertising, children's trails or welcome leaflets, we are always seeking to move, teach, and inspire the different National Trust audiences, connecting them with the individual history, culture and nature of a place.

  1. Brand guardians

    We are meticulous in our adherence to the National Trust brand identity and its application. Following the coherent approach, tone of voice and guiding principals as set out in their brand guidelines, to ensure we convey their unique personality, character and attitude in the work we create.

Saltram Treasures

We worked with the Saltram House team to design a tour guidebook, encouraging visitor engagement - highlighting the many and marvellous treasures of the Saltram House collection, the gardens and the estate as a whole.


Inspiring fun at Stourhead, we payed homage to the banking history of the Hoare family and the beautiful woodlands there, by installing a ‘money tree’ for visitors to hammer coins into and make a wish. We also designed a timeline that had coins leading the visitor through history.

Regional guides

Working with the Trust’s team we devised a new, engaging format that connects with the spirit of over 150 properties throughout the South West.

Barrington Court

Re-thinking the visitor guides for Barrington Court, following our property identity.

Regional Guides

The National Trust guides encourage visits by non-Trust members to properties, as well as highlighting the breadth and variety of places in the South West, including ways to enjoy our coast and countryside sites. Our new design took visitor feedback and condensed the most important elements into a handy editorial format. Results of a user survey confirmed the re-design was effective in inspiring and informing visitors.

Interpretation boards

Working with an amazing carpenter we developed these boards to be a focal point as visitors arrive to Glendurgan Gardens. We are experienced at creating interpretation outdoors or indoors, you can see some more photos here recent interpretation for a National Trust exhibition here.