Connecting the brewery & brand experience

Sharp’s Brewery is a modern brewer of cask conditioned beer. Since its foundation in 1994 at Rock in Cornwall, the Brewery has grown rapidly to become the largest brewer of cask beer in the South West and brewer of Doom Bar, one of the UK’s fastest growing beer brands.

The Brief  As part of Sharp’s growth it was recognised that the brand experience could be enhanced by offering visitors an on-site experience that answered their questions and educated them about the brewing process, sustainability, and the quality of the finished product.

Creative process

With the re-use of relevant and innovative materials such as the stainless steel piping from the brewing process, sandblasted timber and beer casks, we created a bespoke, versatile and compelling on-site visitor experience.

  1. Telling the story

    Visitors are taken on a journey from the start of the brewing process through to the finished product. Leaving them with a lasting impression of the quality of Sharp’s beers.

  1. Engaging content

    Through the use of interactive exhibits, visitors are encouraged to delve deeper into the brand story, using their sense of smell and taste to explore the different aromas, flavours and products.

  1. Sharing the craft

    Along the journey visitors learn about the companies sustainability responsibility and the care that goes into the brewing process, helping to create long-term ambassadors for the Sharp's brand.

Digital engagement

Visitors can explore the portfolio of beers or browse video content on products and brewing timelines.

Visitor journey

We created a space that allows the brewing process to come to life but is flexible enough to be used for functions and events.

Brewing process infographic

Charting the beer's journey from raw ingredients to pouring the perfect pint, which can be enjoyed at the bar.

First steps

Our early sketches gave an outline to how the space could be filled. The help yourself beer pump sadly never made it.

The new Sharp’s Visitor Centre has given us a showcase for our customers to learn about our brewery and our beers. The design has perfectly captured The Sharp’s brand and creates a relaxed and welcoming feeling within the shop and Visitor Centre.
Ed Hughes, Retail & Hospitality Manager, Sharp's

Aromatic interpretation

Our custom designed installations encourage visitors to explore the flavours and aromas of the natural ingredients.

Modern materials

The brand palette and touch-points needed to be clean and contemporary to reflect Sharp's as a modern brewer. Stainless steel piping came direct from the brewery and created sculptural frames that connected the display information throughout the space. The interpretation was crafted by local sign experts The Grain.