Well fed

Tre Pol Pen is a farm shop, kitchen and destination all wrapped up in one, rooted in the heart of the Tamar valley. It was a pleasure working together with the Tre Pol Pen team to bring their vision to life “connecting customers to the best local, fresh food and experiences”, through the development and delivery of their brand.

  1. Sense of place

    Inspired by the three elements of the name - homestead, pond or lake and headland or hill - the Tre Pol Pen logo design reflects these three components. It also reflects the history and the importance of 'place' in the gathering of people, the handpicked food and in the enjoyment of the customers within the landscape and space, as well as the position of the unique building in the landscape.

  1. Story telling

    In the same bold linear style as our logo design, we also developed an extensive range of supporting brand illustrations, that build up and tell in more detail the Tre Pol Pen wider story.

  1. The big picture

    We applied these illustrations across the various brand touch points, from areas on site, packaging in the shop, staff aprons, to the menus in the cafe.

Telling the 'fresh from the earth' story

A simple stamp

We developed a simple stamp for the logo to be used by the Tre Pol Pen team as a cost effective way of adding their mark to items as and when needed.

It's the little things

We had fun telling the various stories - especially with the Illustration for the pizza boxes. Even the pizza cutter seems to be rooted in the fabric of the landscape as it rolls down a hill.

Its all in the detail

It is often the little details that matter, so bearing this in mind we applied the logo in a repeat pattern on the waxed paper that is used for the wrapping up of the fresh meat from the Ruby Red Herd.