The personal touch

Woolacombe Cottages are a holiday rental company based around Woolacombe in North Devon and the 20 mile stretch of coastline there.

The Brief
Being a family business Woolacombe Cottages wanted to make the website work harder for them so that they could concentrate on developing other areas of the business.

  1. Marketing and creative objectives

    Woolacombe wanted to increase their occupancy especially in the shoulder season, to make them the No.1 company in the region, increase their website functionally and to be better known against their competitors.

  2. The proposition

    Woolacombe Cottages deliver an intimate, tailored and personal experience of the Woolacombe region.

  3. Their USP

    Being a very niche bespoke cottage service, Woolacombe Cottages are very passionate about Woolacombe and the 20 mile stretch of coastline and pride themselves on the intimate depth of ‘insiders’ knowledge of this area they have built up.

  4. Website strategy, UX, UI design

    Our website redesign and build projected a premium and modern look and feel. Putting the customer at the heart of the website experience we reimagined the end-to-end engagement journey, creating focussed and stepped tasks to help drive conversion and brand awareness.

Capturing the sense of place for this stunning stretch of coast, was essential to evoke the bespoke service they are offering to their guests.
Tess Gendall

Mobile first

We started with designing the mobile experience

Bringing it all online

A new website user experience was created that captured the spirit of Woolacombe


With an adapted logo and redrawn seagulls representing the 'W'


It all starts with wireframes and prototypes to scope out the journey

Putting it all together

Collaborating closely with the Woolacombe Cottages team, we developed their story to reflect the personal touch, sense of place and premium tone of the brand.

Understanding the proposition

The personal touch emphasis of the brand puts Woolacombe Cottages knowledge, insights and care first. It’s all about taking a phone call and knowing which property will be perfect for Mr & Mrs Brown and their border collie. This all stemmed from a collaborative workshop, imagining the consumer through a postcarding exercises and empathy mapping.

Tone of voice

We helped craft their tone of voice so that the Woolacombe Cottages team can write engaging and captivating copy and property descriptions. We introduced "Penny loves..." which is a nice personal touch feature of the property pages.

Wireframes and user journies

Previously the website did not allow the customer to book online. Through clickable prototypes we structured the new experience, testing key interactions and optimising each stage of the journey for performance.