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Let's Skdadl



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We were delighted to work together with our client Chatter on the naming, brand identity and brand development for their revolutionary new personalised holiday voice search experience that enables holiday makers to search for, book and enjoy their perfect UK holiday using an Amazon Alexa device.

The concept behind the holiday voice search experience is that people used to love going to travel agents and getting personalised recommendations of where to go on holiday, whilst that trend has died out somewhat with the growth of internet bookings, Chatter wanted to try and reintroduce some of that personal service through the use of a voice experience.

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In addition to the brand identity and naming we created advertising concepts for roll out across Facebook, Linked in and Instagram.

Inspired by the friendly language used in cartoons such as Scooby Doo, we came up with the one word invocation name ‘Skdadl’ – Skedaddle – depart quickly or hurriedly, run away.

To try out the app  just say “Alexa enable Skdadl” to your Alexa device or click here – https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gendall-Skdadl/dp/B085W68DCF and for more information go to https://skdadl.co.uk

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