Supporting The Black Dog Project

We recently spoke on our blog about looking after ourselves and fostering creativity through various strategies. So we were really pleased to hear about this project which looks at beating the winter blues, or the ‘Black Dog’ through positive action. We are big believers in positive action and exercise, but looking at lovely photos is definitely good therapy for us too. As creative people we all love photography and we think that Gavan's project is not only an amazing focus for him but will also help us all to appreciate Cornwall in this season.

This video explains his project fully, and better than we can.

Gavan is running the kickstarter which concludes in 3 days. We were delighted to contribute and can’t wait to see what photos he manages to take. We love a side project too and love kickstarter as a way for us to help creative people bring their ideas to life.

Good luck Gavan… you’ve smashed your kickstarter goal, so we hope the photography goes well.